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Located in Kennebec County, J.E. Carson Co., Inc. provides unsurpassed 24-hour emergency repair and service of all brands of oil, gas and solid fuel boilers. We’re proud to service Maine since 1995. J.E. Carson specializes in commercial and industrial repair, servicing and replacement. We offer free estimates, annual service contracts, welding and heating needs assessments.

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J.E. Carson Responds Quickly To Your Emergency

J.E. Carson can repair or rebuild boilers usually in less time than it takes for a factory replacement. Access to critical parts allows our field crews to quickly solve problems that range from minor repairs to major repairs. Our expertise in the field makes us the best emergency service provider in Maine.

J.E. Carson understands that down time can cost your company money, so we will service the boiler emergency with urgency. Our boiler repairmen are available 24 hours a day and will be there to repair or service your boiler as quickly as possible. We’ve traveled all over Maine to respond to customers, and we have the experience to do the job.

Knowing When Your Boiler Needs Repair Or Service

When your boiler goes down your business could be severely damaged until it is repaired or replaced. How can you tell if the boiler needs maintenance? Here are five of the most common problems with boilers to help you know it’s time for service:


The steam pressure should remain the same within high and low points if the boiler is expected to work at a high level. Pressure loss is most commonly caused by steam leakage, some of which you might not be able to see. Loss of pressure can also mean that there are problems with the return system.


Blockages like scale buildup can cause a heat transfer, which increases utility costs.


Knocking, whistling or gurgling within the boiler can indicate that there is air in the system, the water pressure is too low or there is a lime scale building on the boiler’s heat exchange. Proper gas pressure is important and should be checked along with proper flame, air intake and exhaust.


Water leaks are a sign that problems could arise very soon. Even if there is no water dripping around the area, steam leaks can be forced out of the stack.


If the boiler turns off, the problem could be a pressure loss, a bad thermostat, a blocked valve or the pump isn’t pushing water though the system the right way.

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